Welcome to the world of Edeikon: the Images App!


You don’t know the Italian language? Not a problem.

This application uses the language of images so you will easily find out what’s in the Italian dishes that you will be eating. Icons representing the different ingredients will appear onscreen.


Food will be one more reason to travel.


The word Edeikon is composed by two words: the Latin word edere,which means “to eat”, and the Ancient Greek εἰκών , ” image”.

Together these two words summarize the goal of this app: eating through images.




How it work

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How is it done? Just type in the recipe’s name

For example, would you like to find out what’s in the “tagliatelle al ragù” ? Just type “tagliatelle al ragù“.


How it work

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iPhone-slide2-finalHow it work?

By clicking on the recipe , the composition of the whole recipe, that is all its ingredients, will appear in icons.


For example , for the tagliatelle al ragù these symbols will appear. The name of the ingredient will also appear by touching the icon.


Moreover, if you touch the “Remove” or ” Add ” buttons  you will be able to modify your recipe .



How it work

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If  any combined ingredients are present, you will be able to understand their full composition. On the tagliatelle page, if you click on the sauce icon, the icons showing the ingredients of the sauce will pop up.


You can also find out whether the single dishes contain any allergens. For example you can click on the different icons for the tagliatelle al ragù, like celery or grain, and a page will appear, showing all the substances or products that might cause intolerances or allergies.



How it work

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Now that you know everything, enjoy the dish you chose!



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